Alpha Financial Group is a full service Tax, Accounting and Financial Consulting firm dedicated to and specializing in individual and small business taxation and accounting. We provide in-depth advisory services to address all your financial and tax needs. Our professional firm prides itself in offering extensive experience and competency in a variety of different segments and industries, which enable us to focus on successfully providing solutions in a responsive, committed, and quality way.

Our underlying foundation is built on trust, caring, integrity, honesty, diligence, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. In today’s complex financial world, there is an ever-increasing need for accuracy, understanding and integrity. What sets Alpha Financial Group apart is our focus and drive to give each client the highest personal attention they deserve. Our primary goal as trusted advisors is to provide solid advice to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions for their families and businesses. You see, we are much more than accountants. We are your partner. Since 1999 we’ve been ready, willing and able to help you succeed by sharing your vision, and making our diversified financial experience available to you.

Individual Taxation

Alpha Financial Group, LLC strives to make sure you pay the least amount of taxes legally according to existing tax law. In an ever changing tax environment, we purpose to keep up on the changing tax laws, keeping our eye on Washington, Connecticut and all states, in order to stay ahead of the curve and protect your financial interests. We accomplish this by continually attending tax seminars lead by nationally recognized tax experts.

Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income.

We also represent you, if you desire, if the IRS or state audits you, or requires additional information on your tax returns. Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of people more than receiving an IRS Audit letter in the mail. Audits take significant time, and require you to gather mounds of records substantiating each and every item reported on your tax return and develop a comprehensive understanding of tax law. Auditors know that most people fear them and are ignorant of their rights. We handle it all for you so that you need not take time off of your business or job to handle the bureaucracy and paperwork of the IRS or state taxing authorities. Simply forward the notification to us and we handle it.

Business Taxation and Advisory Services

At Alpha Financial Group, LLC, our goal is to offer your business the kind of service and consulting (we like to call it “presence”) that will help your business grow and prosper in an ever-changing financial environment. We will assist in creating an accounting system that will provide you with timely, accurate data which you can rely on to make vital business decisions and understand the financial health of your company. We are your business partner.

No matter how simple or complex, we can provide you with complete tax analysis and preparation services, including tax projections and planning with the goal of paying the least amount of taxes that the law permits.

And you won’t just pay the least amount of taxes this year, we will advise you on how to pay the least amount of taxes over your lifetime by balancing your business, your personal finances, your estate and the eventual succession of your businesses.

Business owners start a business because they do what they do very well. Once in business, many realize very quickly that there is other business “stuff” they never anticipated. Tax, legal, insurance, personnel, system and procedures, and a variety of other issues. Our role is to alleviate that pressure and let them “get back to business” and be the best partner we can be for them. When you deal with Alpha Financial Group you will get the personal attention you need to have all your issues addressed.


Please, feel free to browse our website to see the services we offer as well as the many helpful resources we provide. When you are ready to learn more about what we can do for you, we encourage you to contact us.