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Our underlying foundation is built on trust, caring, integrity, honesty, diligence, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. In today’s complex financial world, there is an ever-increasing need for accuracy, understanding and integrity. Our primary goal as trusted advisors is to provide solid advice to enable our clients to make informed financial decisions for their families and businesses. You see, we are much more than accountants. We are your partner. 

JASON On Google:

Ric and Gabi have done great work for me and saved me thousands over the years. I will be back every year

Richard on Google

Alpha Financial Group has been great!

They have help out our business alot.

Would highly recommend them!”

Kevin on Google

Alpha Financial is a great firm and they always try to do right by the client. Ric is an excellent CPA and runs a talented team. They make the tax jargon easy for us laypeople to understand. Highly recommend!

G.Reyngoudt on google

I am the Business Manager at St Josephine Bakhita Parish in Rocky Hill. We started working with Alpha Financial end of last year, right at the time that our Annual Reports were due to the Archdiocese, which is always an intense effort. Ric and his team were so very helpful in pulling everything together for us, and all reporting was completed accurately and on time despite working against a tight timeframe and working with us as new clients. And as we continue to do business with them, we are very pleased with the consistent level of competent, professional, and friendly service we’ve received. Based on my personal experience, I would highly recommend Ric and his team at Alpha Financial.”

A Team Of Professionals

Ric Valliere, CPA

Owner & Founder

Ric started Alpha Financial Group, LLC in 1999 and has almost 40 years of a diversified tax, accounting and financial analysis history.  As a practicing CPA, he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting for Central Connecticut State University in 1985.  His goal has always been to provide small to medium sized businesses and individuals with the best possible tax, accounting and consulting services.

With his background and experience in both the private, corporate world and in public accounting, his expertise is in all facets of business, namely tax preparation and tax planning (both individual and corporate), financial accounting and auditing, business consulting and advisory services for all industries.

Lee Chase

Office Manager

Before coming to Alpha Financial Group, Lee worked for an International tax preparation company for 10 years as a multi-unit office manager. Lee has been an entrepreneur for most of working career. She opened and operated her first business at age 25. She later opened Goodbodies LLC in Glastonbury (a boutique exercise studio), and had it for 15 years. She then became a realtor for various companies, and also became a competitive racewalker, and placed 5th in the World Masters Games in Brisbane Australia, and was also Nationally Ranked 16th in the 20k. Lee loves to travel, go to Broadway plays, restaurants, and enjoys reading.

Support Staff


Vice President of Client Relations (Post-Humous)

Remy was with Alpha Financial Group his entire life. He always made everyone feel welcome, important, and loved. We miss him, but his memory lives on with us.


Client Greeter-in-Training

Nikki was found on the streets of Houston with her brother. Ric has said since she has only been with us since February, she is starting her career with Alpha as client greeter and must work her way up the ladder. She loves people better than other dogs, and has so much personality, so she is a perfect addition to the firm. Many of the clients would take pictures of her on their lap. She has the look of several different animals — she loves to stand on her hind legs like a bear and hops like she wants to dance. She has a lion’s mane, she has old lady whiskers, (even though she’s only a year old!), an underbite, and a mohawk that may be dyed purple someday!!! When she isn’t focused on her career, she can be found with her squirrel, as she is a renowned squirrel chaser (as well as cars, birds, and even planes!!!).

Our Clients

Every client comes to us as a unique individual and as such, we evaluate each financial situation and need accordingly. While there is no “typical” client, we have found that our firm attracts and is proficient with:

– Small businesses with 25 or less employees or $5 million or less in annual sales

– “Mom & Pop” or family operations

– One person small businesses (Hair salons, bakeries, medical offices, etc.)

– Churches

We see our role as that of an advisor – guiding our small business clients in a holistic manner – looking at the big picture and planning for the future of the business and individual. We want to help you develop a plan for building wealth and support you as you implement that strategy.

You can be assured that your finances and future will be handled with care and that we will always be honest and truthful about your account so that you can make the best informed decisions. We want to help you set short and long term goals and be with you when you achieve the success that you deserve.

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